Press Release from Media World

Created, designed and animated totally in Australia, Dogstar is a 52 x half hour animated comedy series for children aged 8-12 years, produced by Media World Pictures. The recently completed second series of Dogstar, took two and a half years to make and employed over 100 people. Production of the series was conducted simultaneously in both Melbourne and Perth.

Following the completion of the second series in February this year, this Hugo TV Award win is a cracking start to Dogstar’s re-launch into the world market.

“We are very excited to receive the news of the Hugo TV Award”, said producer Colin South.

“It is great to have Dogstar recognised on the international stage, so soon after the release of the much awaited second series”.

The Hugo Television Awards are a prestigious component of the Chicago International Film Festival, which for 46 years have honoured the most innovative and outstanding members of the television community.

Dogstar’s highly original look grew out of Director and Production Designer Scott Vanden Bosch's desire to create an animated series that was distinct and adventurous and which stood out against anything produced in Australia to date. "I wanted to put my stamp on it; especially the colour palette and the cohesive look of the characters and backgrounds,” said Vanden Bosch.

Working in high-definition allowed a great deal more detail and texture in design than is typical in a Flash animated series. Dogstar’s animators were encouraged to push Flash beyond its normal limitations. The result was a richer, more intense and ‘full’ feeling to the animation. "Dogstar’s writers, Doug MacLeod and Philip Dalkin, certainly inspired us to create something different," says Vanden Bosch.

Dogstar has been picked up in Australia by the Nine Network and the Disney Channel.

Established in 1983, Media World is one of Australia’s foremost independent film and television production companies and has successfully developed and produced hundreds of hours of content for both television and the big screen – with major credits in feature films, children’s series, animation and prime-time television drama.

In addition to Dogstar, Media World’s recent credits include: SBS drama series The Circuit and Australia’s first indigenous comedy feature film, Richard J. Franklin’s Stone Bros.