Australian Film Festival Photos: A Heartbeat Away

15 March, 2011 by IF

A Heartbeat Away screened at the Australian Film Festival at Sydney's Randwick Ritz on the weekend ahead of its release this Thursday.

The feature film debut of Gale Edwards – acclaimed theatre director of such international hits as The Boy From Oz – is a musical addition to the ever-popular genre of the Aussie feel-good.


Following in the proud tradition of The Castle, it's up to the local brass band to snatch back their town hall from the evil clutches of property developers. 

However, disaster strikes when weeks out from the competition their conductor (William Zappa) is incapacitated leaving his reluctant, rock-n-roll guitarist son (Sebastian Gregory) to lead the band to victory.

With Isabel Lucas featuring as Gregory’s love interest, and Australian favourites Colin Friels and Roy Billing rounding out the cast, A Heartbeat Away looks designed to satisfy nearly everyone’s lighthearted side.

The film will open nationwide this Thursday.

Tammy McIntosh, Chris Fitchett, Gale Edwards and Terry Camilerri 

Roy Billing, Gale Edwards,  William Zappa, Tammy McIntosh and Terry Camilerri
Hoyts Distribution CEO Robert Slaviero and Roy Billing
Rachael Blake, Tony Martin and Tammy McIntosh
Barry Watterson and William Zappa