Australian producers to ‘speed pitch’ in Hollywood

01 October, 2009 by IF

Press release from Screen Australia

Ten leading Australian producers will head to Los Angeles next month to  pitch their projects to a hand-picked selection of Hollywood executives. The initiative has been  put together by Screen Australia in collaboration with Ausfilm.


The ‘speed pitching’ will take place in fast turnaround, one-to-one, round table sessions with  representatives from major studios, production companies and independent distribution companies.

"The goal of the initiative is to present some of our most commercially viable projects to  potential partners, in order to encourage US investment in Australian productions," said Screen  Australia’s Head of Marketing, Kathleen Drumm.

"We expect high quality feedback for projects, which  we hope will enable some to advance to the next stage. The venture will also provide an opportunity  to put people together who otherwise might not necessarily meet."

Australian producers participating in the LA initiative are Chris Brown, Rosemary Blight, Miranda  Culley, Andrena Finlay, Matt Hearn, Max Mannix, Sue Murray, Sue Maslin, David Parker and Brian  Rosen.

Screen Australia’s speed pitching event is part of a one-week LA mission organised by Ausfilm to encourage filmmaking partnerships between the US and Australian production communities.