Australian Directors Guild executive director Kingston Anderson.

The Australian Screen Industry Group has formally asked both sides of politics to come up with a screen policy, ADG executive director Kingston Anderson has told IF.

"The Australian Screen Industry Group, which is made up of eleven guilds, has just written to the Prime Minister, to the leader of the opposition, to the Greens, requesting that a screen policy be implemented by whoever takes government", said Anderson. 

"We've also sent them a two-page policy that we've developed that we're about to release publicly, which outlines the basic elements which we think need to happen in this country to advance the screen industry."

"The Screen Industry Group represents 15,000 plus filmmakers in this country. This is going to be pushed out as wide as we can, and hopefully it will fuel the debate on the screen industry in the upcoming election." 

"We're deliberately targeting everyone to come up with a policy. We don't have a government with a policy, we don't have an opposition with a policy. No-one has a policy on the screen industry, which is terrifying. It's policy on the run at the moment."

Anderson has blasted the failure of this government to meet with screen industry leaders before, and describes the current approach as all about "reacting rather than planning". 

The policy outlined by the Australian Screen Industry Group will be released shortly.

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  1. Look forward to reading the two page policy suggestions. In 2006 I made a submission to the government regarding a screen industry policy (still on the internet under my name, Oscar Scherl). We were desperate then and still are now, wonder if it will ever change, lets get together and make it happen.

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