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As part of their ‘Save the Males’ campaign Barons Brewing Co. have launched a competition for young filmmakers to create a viral video. The winning viral will win $5000 cash and their viral will be released and seeded on youtube, the Barons website, social networks and online forums. The competition runs until 31 March 2009 and Barons are hoping that YOU will be able to help them publicise the competition to the right people.

Barons need your help to ensure they get the highest quality entries. Barons are looking for various platforms to launch their competition to a network of young, eager and talented people. They are looking for funny, innovative videos to help promote the Barons brand, with exciting content and they will allow your network to express their creativity without the usual constraints of the big companies. At Barons, they like to think that they’re edgier and more maverick than their rivals!
Entry to the competition must be made via the Barons website www.baronsbrewing.com and entrants must be a member of the Barons Squadron (entry to the Barons Squadron is free and can be made online).

Each valid entry must include; a bottle of Barons beer and a person must say ‘Save the Males’ and ‘Barons Brewing’ must also be mentioned during the video.

Barons believe that the world’s spiraled into a mad pit of sad, PC, metro, safeness. As a result, the male as we know him is facing extinction. Barons Brewing Co. recently launched their ‘Save the Males’ campaign and with the help of Jungleboys, together they created five cutting edge viral videos, the first of which was released on November 14. Barons are now looking for the sixth.

Barons Brewing is an Australian independent brewing company and they are up against the gargantuan likes of Lion Nathan and Fosters, so they have to do things a little differently to be heard in the trade. Barons have only been around for three years and launched ‘Save the Males, their first ad campaign, in October 2008. Being young and vibrant, Barons are all about doing what you want and having a go, so they decided to forge into the viral / online territory to get their name out there.

The competition flyer is attached and you can view Barons existing virals at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yksWTOEqsUc

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