‘Itch’. (Photo: David Dare Parker)

The BBC has snapped up the UK rights to Komixx Entertainment children’s series Itch, to be broadcast on kids channel CBBC.

Based on the books from UK television and radio presenter Simon Mayo, the 10 x 30 minute series follows the follows the adventures of Itchingham Lofte, a science obsessed teenager who pursues the unusual hobby of collecting all the elements on the Periodic Table. When Itch gets his hands on a new, previously unknown element, things start to get interesting.

Shot in Albany, WA, the series is aimed at 8-to-12 year-olds and stars Samuel Ireland opposite a cast of newcomers including Melanie Wozniak, Charles Russell, Kylah Day, Harry Popple, Henry Mendez and Keala Kern. ABC Commercial launched the series at MIPJunior last October.

The scripts were written by Melanie Halsall, Dan Berlinka, Ron Elliott, Heather Wilson, Jessica Brookman and Roger Monk. The series produced by Amanda Morrison, Tania Chambers and Melanie Halsall and directed by Renée Webster and Nicholas Verso.

ABC head of content sales and distribution Jessica Ellis said: “The BBC is the most prestigious broadcaster of children’s programs in the world, ABC Commercial is thrilled that our first-class content will now be seen on their platform.

“ABC Commercial has been working hard on expanding our portfolio of children’s and young adult content, this sale is recognition that the hard work has paid off and that our high-quality content resonates with audience around the world”

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