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“INPUT is an arrowhead for examining, advancing and reinforcing the values of public television.” Nick Torrens (director & producer)

“It’s an intense and take-no-prisoners forum that can be as revelatory for the presenters as it is for the inquiring audience.”
Courtney Gibson (executive head of content creation, ABC)

“I found that this sort of debate is far more successful in helping you make relationships with like-minded people than any other form of networking.”
Helen Bowden (producer)

THE Australian Directors Guild is pleased to announce the “Best of Input” sessions, running for the first time in Australia as part of the ADG 2008 Conference, In Good Company: Creative Collaborations in September 25 – 28, in Sydney.

Now celebrating its 30th year internationally, Input (the acronym is derived from INternational PUblic Television), is the only global showcase that focuses specifically on innovative programs produced in the public interest.

The sessions will provide a unique platform where 14 programs are screened then discussed with the director, commissioning editors, producers and audience through a facilitator. The debates are characteristically open and frank (definitely not for the fainthearted) and they focus on the craft, politics and aesthetics of program making. Program makers from around the world will all be present at the conference via skype, (see attached info) and local session producers include Tim Slade, Graeme Isaac, Julia Overton and Poppy Stockwell.

A full program is available on the ADG Conference website: www.adgconference.com also see Input’s website is: www.input-tv.org

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