Press release from Yoram Gross Film Studios

Yoram Gross delighted generations of children with his animated characters – he is now honoured in a film about his life. The documentary 'Blinky and Me' premiered in the country he was forced to flee from over 50 years ago.

The filmmaker who brought the Australian stories of Blinky Bill and Dot and the Kangaroo to life on the screen is from Poland. Yoram Gross is available to interview after returning from the country of his birth to showcase his animated life.

'Blinky and Me' – based on Gross' book 'My Animated Life' directed by Tomasz Magierski premiered in Warsaw and Krakow on October 20. The film explores Gross’ young life on the run with special appearances made by Blinky.

Gross lost his home, his father and searched for his mother in Nazi occupied Poland as Blinky did after his habitat was destroyed. They both also share a mischievous, cheeky and youthful spirit even though Gross is 85.

“If you watch my films carefully you will see the history of my life,” Gross says.

The filmmaker produced over twelve animated features and television series before digital animation. Dot and the Kangaroo starring Spike Milligan was made with 12000 hand-painted drawings combined with live action backgrounds.

The filmmaker now firmly embraces digital technology with his latest work captured entirely with an iPhone 4. The artist transforms junk into beauty for his solo photography exhibition presented by the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow – its finale show for 2011.

The Close-up or in Polish ‘Zblizenie’ collection is a fusion of still photography and canvas on display till December.

Gross was awarded the Order of Australia in 1995 for his contribution to the Australian film industry. And recently he was presented with the Murray Forrest Award for Achievement in Film Craft at the Australian International Movie Convention on August 22.

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