The Robert McKee Story Seminars, which were scheduled to go on in Sydney and Melbourne in late February, have been postponed until June 2009.

Epiphany International, the team responsible for booking McKee’s seminars gave three main reasons for the rescheduling:

1. The unexpected news that the AWG has scheduled their National Screenwriters Conference on the same weekend as the Melbourne seminar was forcing us to cancel Melbourne from the originally slated February tour.

2. Robert himself, is in pre-production on his own film and felt that June was a much easier time for him to travel to Australia.

3. The last several weeks has seen the global economic situation become increasingly unstable and its impact on the Australian dollar and tour undeniable. The extra time allows for this situation to stabilize. 

The team has evaluated their options and collectively decided to postpone both cities to late June. The Melbourne Story Seminar will be on June 19, 20 & 21 and the Sydney Story Seminar will be on June 26, 27 & 28.

Epiphany is working hard to minimize any inconvenience to clients. New information pages will be emailed to everyone who has booked over the next week.

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