Box office: Last Ride builds to $131k

09 July, 2009 by IF

By Simon de Bruyn

Disgrace looks set to hit the $1 million mark, with the film taking $185,000 on 31 screens in its third week in cinemas.


The film has now taken $726,000 at the local box office in three weeks. The $10 million drama is an Australian production shot in South Africa with marquee cast.

Last Ride added a further $37,000 in the Monday to Wednesday period for a first week total (plus previews) of $131,000 on 16 screens.

Last Ride took an average of $7,091 per screen for the week and the film is expected to play on the same number of screens this weekend.

Playing on 17 screens, My Year Without Sex added a further $61,600 in its sixth week, and crossed the $900,000 mark. The film was made for $3.8 million.

Wake in Fright is also up to $109,000 across five screens after two weeks, while Shadows of the Past has hit $40,000.