Box Office: Yogi Bear debuts on top, King’s Speech continues strong

17 January, 2011 by IF

By Brendan Swift

Yogi Bear has debuted in the number one slot at  the box office after taking more than $3.88 million in its opening weekend at Australian cinemas.


The 3D animated live-action comedy was shot by Australian cinematographer Peter James ACS in New Zealand. The film, distributed by Warner Bros, was shown on 381 screens giving it an impressive screen average of $10,199.

Disney's animated Tangled took a further $3.36 million in its second weekend across 432 screens. It has now taken more than $13.35 million in total. The musical Burlesque opened in third position for Sony Pictures after grossing $1.87 million across 204 screens.

Drama The King's Speech added another $1.81 million in its fourth weekend at cinemas across 107 screens. It had the highest screen average of all films (released on more than five screens) over the weekend with $15,500. Australian producer Emile Sherman missed out on a Golden Globe for Best Picture although Colin Firth won for Best Actor at the award ceremony today.

Universal's The Dilemma rounded out the top five after taking $1.42 million in its opening weekend across 227 screens.