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Transmission Films is proud to announce that the New Zealand film BOY has reached an incredible milestone to become the number one New Zealand film of all time. As of yesterday the film passed The World’s Fastest Indian to reach the new box office record of over $7,050,000.

Since opening in New Zealand on March 25th, BOY has consistently held its own in the box office weekly charts, sitting in the number one position for an incredible 5 weeks, and in record time has taken just 8 weeks to become number one of all time. In comparison, The World’s Fastest Indian took 46 weeks to reach the same level. Still number two at the New Zealand box office this week behind ROBIN HOOD and ahead of IRON MAN 2, BOY seems destined for an incredibly long cinema run.

Writer, director and star of BOY, Taika Waititi commented today about the achievement “I'm very proud. There isn't really much to say on the subject other than I'm extremely pleased and proud and so happy New Zealanders are choosing local content over the bigger blockbusters. I hope Aussie audiences embrace it in the same way!”

BOY will screen at both the Sydney and Melbourne International Film Festivals and the film’s originality, warmth and humour will no doubt translate to Aussie audiences. The advance buzz for BOY seems destined to make it a highlight at these events this year before releasing in cinemas across Australia.

BOY, written, directed and starring Taika Waititi is a hilarious and heartfelt coming-of-age story. Set on the rural East Coast during the 80’s at the height of Michael Jackson and E.T. fever, BOY tells the tale of Boy, Rocky and their inept wannabe gangster father Alamein. It’s inspired by Waititi’s Oscar-nominated Two Cars, One Night and his own childhood in Waihau Bay.

It now ranks higher domestically than other New Zealand classic films such as The World’s Fastest Indian; Once Were Warriors; and Whale Rider.

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