Brisbane film festival in limbo

17 January, 2014 by Don Groves

Who will run the 2014 Brisbane International Film Festival?

There seems no clear cut answer since Screen Queensland chief operating officer and BIFF director Jennie Hughes departed last Friday.


Kiki Fung is the head programmer of BIFF, responsible for BIFF operations. But the festival’s future direction may not be resolved until after Tracey Vieira, Ausfilm’s LA-based executive vice president, international production, takes up the post of CEO of Screen Queensland on February 17.

IF asked the agency who will take ultimate responsibility for the festival. A spokesman responded, “Our new CEO, Tracey Vieira, will be responsible for all operational and staffing matters.

“One of her immediate focuses will be aligning the organisational structure to the implementation of Screen Queensland's three-year corporate strategy, including BIFF.”

No dates have been announced for the 2014 edition. Last year’s event in October posted the highest box-office results in five years.

The spokesman added, “The scheduling of dates for BIFF will take place in due course and will be announced at the appropriate time.”