Brown Bag Films and Sticky Pictures to make Dream Factory

07 December, 2011 by IF

Press release from Sticky Pictures

Sticky Pictures, Kyla May Productions and Brown Bag Films have today announced they will co-develop and co-produce the animated tween comedy series Dream Factory (52 x 12’).


Dream Factory is a comedy series that follows the adventures of apprentice-dream maker Tommy Winks in the Dream Factory, a magical dream-making studio in the clouds. As an apprentice to the mythical Sandman, Tommy is learning to master the art of dream making. It’s not just about extraordinary ingredients and getting the recipe right; every night Tommy has to put on a showstopper that puts his audience to sleep- and keeps the Bogeyman at bay.

Dream Factory is designed and created by prolific creative director, brand creator and designer Kyla May (Smirk, Flea-Bitten, Kyla May Missbehaves, SheZow). It will be produced by Australia’s Sticky Pictures (Me & My Monsters, Pearlie, Dennis & Gnasher) and award-winning Irish animation studio Brown Bag Films (The Octonauts, Olivia, Noddy in Toyland)

Donna Andrews, CEO & Executive Producer, Sticky Pictures said: “Sticky is thrilled to be working with Brown Bag Films on Dream Factory. The concept has a delicious mix of mischief-making, magic and mayhem. Combined with Brown Bag’s impressive track record in stunning design and production, Dream Factory will be a visual feast and wonderfully entertaining.”

Jennie Stacey, Development Executive, Brown Bag Films added: “We were instantly drawn to the fantastical comedy setting of Dream Factory and are very excited about working with Sticky Pictures to bring these great characters and magical stories to life onscreen.”

The Dream Factory has been developed with the assistance of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.