Australian director Bruce Beresford has signed on to direct feature film The White Mouse, about the country’s most decorated World War II servicewoman, Nancy Wake.

Produced by Peter Glover and Sue Milliken (Farscape, Sirens), the film – which hasn't raised finance – will tell the story of Wake, who died early Monday morning (Australian time) in London, aged 98. The announcement was made by a publicist on behalf of Milliken.

Known as “The White Mouse”, Wake – who was born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney – became active in the French resistance movement, along with her husband Henri Fiocca, and is known for saving the lives of thousands of Allied soldiers.

Casting is also currently underway and if the project gets up, production is expected in the second half of 2012. The film received development funding from Screen Australia mid-last year.

Beresford, who is often attached to several projects, is also set to direct romance flick Banjo & Matilda – a dramatisation of the true story of Banjo Paterson and Waltzing Matilda, which also received development funding from Screen Australia.

In April, Beresford, who was nominated for an Oscar for his Breaker Morant screenplay in 1981, confirmed to IF he had signed a development deal for US thriller Killer Instinct.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it. A well deserved tribute to a great Lady.
    Hopefully the film will be shoot in France and be as close as possible to historical reality.

  2. Wishing you well in this production. A truly remarkable woman and an accurate definition of the “greatest generation”

  3. Iam very excited about the idea of a film being made about her life Excellent subject and very worthy of a film
    Whom would have to play Nancy ?Rachel Taylor????

  4. Can’t wait to see this film, such a brave lady to whom many owe their lives, yes it should be shot in France as close to the appropriate locations as possible. Cannot the british government be encouraged to contribute, they have contributed plenty to the bankers.

  5. I would dearly love to see a movie about Nancy, and the more accurate the better, there is simply no need to fictionalize her life – it was amazing enough not to need any fiction injections!

    RIP Nancy, you were a remarkable human being, and a true heroine.

  6. Hi, Is there any more intention by Bruce Beresford to
    make his movie about Aust war heroine Nancy Wake?
    It would be great to know Mr Beresford still wants to
    go ahead with this movie, but I guess there is a stale-mate of some sorts.


  7. Did I imagine I saw the tail end of “The White Mouse” movie, one afternoon a few weeks ago. I have tried unsuccessfully to hire this movie from the video shop.

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