Mint Pictures’ newest instalment of hugely popular ABC3 series Bushwhacked! is raising the stakes on missions and faraway locations to take viewers on bigger and bolder outback adventures in Series 3.

The new series starts on Monday 4th May at 5.25pm on ABC3.

Bushwhacked! follows hosts Kayne Tremills and Wiradjuri boy Kamil Ellis as they traverse remote corners of Australia in search of weird and wonderful wildlife, Indigenous rites and rituals, and of course adrenalin-fuelled, dramatic missions.

Throughout the series Kamil challenges his co-host Kayne to bold missions that are sure to delight young audiences, but according to Executive Producer Dan Goldberg, the flagship format of Bushwhacked! is greatly intensified this time around.

“After creating 26 incredibly successful episodes across two series’, we knew that we had to raise the stakes for the third instalment," he says.

“Expect to see the boys engaged in missions of heightened jeopardy and cheekiness – from a matchmaking mission involving the world’s most venomous snake, a wade through croc-infested waters to catch a rare Freshwater Pygmy Croc, a crazy mission to brush a Bull Shark’s teeth, to a brazen attempt to save a Saltie’s nest from the wet, and a nose rub with a Hairy-Nosed Wombat.”

The new series also sees Bushwhacked!’s intrepid hosts reach far-flung corners of Australia, further than they’ve ever traveled before, including a visit to Lorna Glen, an outstation in the central Western Desert that is 15-hour road trip from Perth. There’s also a Top End visit off the coast of Arnhem Land to the tiny speck of sand that is Mooroongga Island in the Arafura Sea, and a visit to Bullo River, an outstation near the NT-WA border, which is virtually inaccessible by land.

Bushwhacked! is also a celebration of the rich vein of Indigenous culture across the continent and the new missions lead the hosts to engage with many Indigenous elders, including members of the Yolgnu mob of the Crocodile Islands and the Martu mob in WA.

“Kayne and Kamil love learning local cultures and tying it back to their connection with the animals and the land,” he says.

Bushwhacked! now airs in over 40 countries worldwide and has been widely acclaimed, recently adding the 2015 Logie nominee to the program’s slew of national and international awards.

Bushwhacked! is up for a gong in the industry judged category of Most Outstanding Children’s Program at the awards ceremony to be held May 3, and has also won the silver award at the Chicago International Film Festival (2013), the silver plaque at Prix Jeunesse in Munich (2014) and most recently the program took out Kids TV Series (2014) at the Asian TV Awards

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