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Callan McAuliffe, currently filming The Great Gatsby in Sydney, arrived in Los Angeles to today and will celebrate the honour and attend AT G’DAY USA on Jan 14th at the Renaissance Hotel.

He will join a host of other Australian's all set to celebrate Australian achievements, Australian Academy Award nominations and Australian Tourism at this now well known annual event in the USA.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said it was terrific to have Callan’s support as part of the Friends of Australia program.

“The Friends of Australia program harnesses the power of high profile individuals like Callan and others, who are making a name for themselves on the world stage and are genuinely passionate about promoting Australia to the world,” Andrew McEvoy said.

“It is tremendous to have Callan’s support to share his very personal and authentic stories about what makes Australia great as a holiday destination to motivate others to experience it for themselves.

“Callan will join our ‘Friends of Australia’ in sharing his Australian stories on video with testimonials about his favourite holiday spots and travel experiences to promote through Tourism Australia’s networks as well as his own,” Mr McEvoy said.

On news of the honour Callan exudes. "I am beyond honoured to have been invited to join the Friends of Australia team – joining fellow Australians whom I remain in awe of. It has to be the easiest job in the world to promote your own country.”

"While in Sydney filming The Great Gatsby in my free time my favourite activities have been – climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and photography at Taronga Zoo. When I have more time, I enjoy abseiling and camping in the outback of Australia – where there are endless opportunities to enjoy the peace and Australian nature – not experienced anywhere else in the world".

Callan (Flipped/I Am Number Four/Cloudstreet/ The Great Gatsby) has been named by Tourism Australia as the youngest friend in their prestigious "Friends of Australia" Campaign. He joins an elite group of fellow Australians including Baz Luhrmann, Olivia Newton John, Cutis Stone and The Wiggles to name a few!

Callan McAuliffe is a talented young Australian actor, who has received praise in Australia and overseas for various roles in theatre, film and television. Callan is originally from Sydney, and divides his time between Sydney and Los Angeles to study and perform.

Callan is currently working with Baz Luhrmann on the epic film The Great Gatsby, where he will star as the young Jay Gatsby alongside Leonardo di Caprio and Toby Maguire .

Callan has enjoyed an extraordinary journey since being cast by Rob Reiner as Bryce his romantic lead in Flipped (2010). Soon after he was handpicked for the Speilberg/Michael Bay Dreamworks Production – I Am Number Four to play the lead support role of Sam.

Cloudstreet, the historic miniseries in which Callan plays the Young Quick Lamb has been nominated for an Australian Academy Award in 2012. The Awards will be held at The Sydney Opera House on January 31st.

Callan returns to Sydney in January to finish a lead for The Great Gatsby and mid year will film the lead role of Uriel in Paradise Lost. Both Warner Bros films are filming in Australia.

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