Cannes Film Festival, eat your heart out

11 May, 2012 by IF

Cannes Film Festival, Eat Your Heart Out

Queensland Brisbane Local Filmmaking duo, Producer Cieron Cody and Director David Ridley will be rubbing shoulders with the movie industryʼs elite at this yearʼs Cannes Film Festival in May, upon the screening of their short comedy Douglas Adams Eat Your Heart Out.


The Griffith Film School alumni are thrilled to be attending after being awarded a trip that will see them represent Queensland talent in the ultimate congregation of movie makers and hollywoodʼs whose who, held each year on the French Riviera.

The short film Inspired by the comedic wit of the late Douglas Adams – of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Fame – is about that time in a young boys life where becoming a teenager means braving unchartered territory. When itʼs young protagonist Douglas is faced with the buxom beauty of an older woman, he becomes caught in the embarrassing crossfire as two worlds collide.

Ê»Itʼs an exciting short film and with the star quality of Brisbane theatre favorite Lauren Jackson presenting a dynamite performance, it quickly mixes into a facetious cocktail of animation, witty narration, moonscapes and special effects that literally take itʼs characters out of this world,” says Director David Ridley.

“Part of what we were trying to achieve was a tongue and cheek celebration of that awkward hormonal tight rope called adolescence”.

“By taking our dreamy astronomy loving character to the moon we were able to acknowledge the epic proportions of the coming of age journey. And that paired with the spirit of Douglas Adamʼs humor made for a punchy story not afraid of the big questions on teenage life” explained Producer Cieron Cody.

“We literally had to build a moon from scratch using nearly a tone of wood and cement. Iʼm still shaking it out of my hair – but itʼs paying off” he laughed.

“It might be a short film, but it was big job. itʼs the product of almost sixty cast, crew and community members, who all pulling together made something that was shortlisted for Tropfest 2012 and we hope will continue to find audiences around the world. We owe them all big thank you”.

Presenting their film at Cannes will mean being acknowledged within the international arena, where having an audience will provide an excellent opportunity to bond with the international community.

“Filmmaking is an exciting triathlon and weʼre amidst a really active time where the proliferation of co-productions means broadening your audiences and creating international projects from home. The festival is about developing relationships with the right players who want to run, swim and ride the same course as we do” said Mr Cody. “We canʼt wait to sink our teeth in and fly our Queensland flag. Anything could happen.”

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