Grant Cartwright, Nadia Townsend, Stephen Carracher and Rosie Lourde head the ensemble cast in Restoration, a 3-part,online sci-fi series which is due to start shooting at Docklands Studios on August 4.

Cartwright (whose credits include MTC’s The Crucible and web series Death Star PR) will play Oliver Klein, who awakes to find his memories restored into a body that is not his own.

Townsend (Old School, City Homicide, Knowing) is cast as Emma Laws, a technician who works at Restoration Life Services, the facility which enables people to have their memories downloaded for back-up so when death happens, those memories can uploaded into a new body.

Carracher (US thriller Vanished, The Doctor Blake Mysteries) is Gavin Worth, whose body becomes the vessel for Oliver’s restored memories.

Lourde (Felony, Stephen Sewell’s Embedded) portrays Talia Klein, Oliver’s wife. Rounding out the cast is Ailis Logan as Dr Francis Parr.

The 40-minute series is the first collaboration between Toby Gibson’s Midnight Snack Productions and director/co-writer Stuart Willis. The screenplay is by Willis, who made the sci-fi short film Payload and co-hosts the screenwriting podcast Draft Zero, and journalist/screenwriter Matthew Clayfield.

“After a competitive and exhaustive casting process, we’re thrilled to announce an extremely talented and highly motivated cast,” Gibson said. “Given that one character is essentially required to play another and the innate intimacy of the ensemble, the chemistry and balance of the cast had to be just right.”

The producers aim to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter by July 31 towards building and decorating the set of Restoration Life Services.

Cutting Edge, which recently opened a Melbourne office, will manage Restoration’s post production workflow and provide back end support during the shoot.

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