Cate Blanchett launches climate documentary

29 October, 2008 by IF

[Press Release by Australian Conservation Foundation]
The world premiere of a documentary featuring the progress of seven Climate Project presenters trained by former US vice president Al Gore, was introduced by actor and Climate Project supporter Cate Blanchett at Sydney Theatre last night, Tuesday, October 28th.
Titled Telling the Truth, the 47 minute production tells the personal stories of the Climate Project presenters, trained in Melbourne in 2007 by Al Gore. The film records them nervously delivering their first public presentations of a personalised version of the slide show known to most as the basis of An Inconvenient Truth.
“I’m proud to be associated with the Australian Conservation Foundation and the documentary Telling the Truth,” said Ms Blanchett. “There has never been a more important time to make a difference on climate change or for Australian leadership on this vital issue.”
In all Al Gore has now trained 250 Australian Climate Project presenters through his climate change leadership program in partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation. This month, the Australian presenters passed an extraordinary milestone by delivering a personal climate presentation to one in every hundred Australians.
Telling the Truth begins with UK comedian Mark Watson, who chose to deliver his first Climate Project presentation to 1500 people at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It reveals the presenters’ motivations for becoming involved in the Climate Project and their hopes for the future.
As well as Mark Watson, Telling the Truth tracks the journeys of Nick Towle, a doctor from Burnie, Tasmania, who is concerned at the global health issues that might result from even a slight increase in the earth’s surface temperature; Vanessa Morris, a mother of two and former ABC broadcaster, who broke down after seeing An Inconvenient Truth; and Jocelyn Uibo, a school registrar from Numbulwar in east Arnhem Land.
Jim Thomson, an electrical contractor from Kalgoorlie, WA, reveals how seeing An Inconvenient Truth brought about the realisation that he had personally contributed to the increase in carbon dioxide levels recorded since 1958. Former professional rugby player Alex Kanaar gives a Climate Project presentation to his team mates in the NSW Waratahs and secondary school student Linh Do tells how she hopes being a Climate Project presenter will not only educate others about climate change but also dispel negative assumptions about Generation Y.
The documentary was funded by the Nelson Meers Foundation and has an original score by Mark Seymour.
Further green carpet screenings of Telling the Truth will happen in most Australian capital cities. Community-based screenings to raise awareness of climate change and motivate viewers to act on climate change will happen through a separate ‘Connectors’ program where instead of delivering the slideshow, volunteers will arrange screenings in their schools, community groups and networks.