CGI sci-fi family film, Stonerunner, to begin production in 2013

05 September, 2012 by IF

Press release from IFM Films

GFM Films today announced its latest film production joint venture – Stonerunner. This Sci Fi Family Epic is an Australian CGI animation feature film which will be produced by Peter and Caroline Campbell’s Accent Media Group, FG Film Productions (Australia) and Rodney Whitham.


In a distant future, a 14 year old boy – Tyson – stares out over the ruins of a long forgotten civilisation which we soon come to realise is planet earth. When he stumbles across a long abandoned sophisticated war machine a strange and powerful meeting of minds occurs and a strong friendship is formed. Together they find themselves caught up in a battle against the evil dictator Delacorte and his army of the Old Guard. For Tyson, it’s about choice, freedom and optimism in the face of all the odds.

Steve Trenbirth has come on board to direct the film. Steve has had a long standing relationship with Disney that included directing the sequels to Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp and The Lion King. His 27 year career in film and TV sees him at the forefront of Australian animation.

Producers Peter and Caroline Campbell started Accent Film Entertainment in 2003 and are leading independent film and home entertainment distributors & producers. Peter was an early pioneer in the development of DVD in Europe and Australia and both he & Caroline have over 20 years of experience and marketing expertise in Asia.

Antony I Ginnane of FG Films introduced the movie and Peter to GFM during Cannes this year. GFM partner Michael Ryan comments that ‘we were all quickly taken with the story and script of Stonerunner and could see its transmedia applications to video games, apps and potential TV spin-offs. The early visual imagining of the characters and backdrop is superb and we feel the movie will be a strong audience puller for the 9-15 age group and family audience. Based on our judgement of likely distributor response to the material we recognised financing and distribution opportunities for us to partner with the producing and financing team’.

Ginnane commented ‘It’s extremely exciting that GFM have recognised the box office potential of Stonerunner and have come on board. We saw their success with Planet 51, and believe that this success can be replicated with this distinctive piece. Director Steve Trenbirth will bring us humour, action and excitement on a grand scale’.

Animation production is planned to start next year for delivery in 2014 and Peter Campbell confirmed that the budget has a generous allocation for voice over talent and will be casting from the top end of both Australian and International actors. ‘The scope and potential of such a collective team will really help to ensure that Stonerunner delivers on it’s promise to be a great sci-fi movie’.

GFM partner Guy Collins ‘Stonerunner is the second high quality and original animation family movie GFM has committed to this year and is part of our strategy to build a $200m plus production schedule. We are well on course to this with Neuromancer, The Job, Blowback, Slinky, Tomb of the Dragon and now Stonerunner. We are expecting to make further production commitments between now and the AFM that will see us reach this target and to have a rounded slate of action, thriller, sci-fi and family movies, working with experienced and talented production partners’.