Changes to 2011 TV WEEK Logie Awards

08 October, 2010 by IF

Press Release by ACP Magazines

The 53rd annual TV WEEK Logie Awards will be held on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne.
This year, following consultation with the industry as well as feedback from readers and viewers, there are some exciting revisions to voting procedures.


The two strands of awards – the viewer-voted Popular Awards and the industry-voted Outstanding Award categories – have undergone changes to
allow the best possible representation and results for both the industry and public.

Significantly, the Popular Awards voting will now begin two months earlier, on December 6, 2010 (coinciding with the end of the official 2010 TV ratings
year) and will run for 12 weeks instead of the previous five.

Importantly, all voting for the Popular Awards will now be done online.

Online voting has been available to the public since 2003, when 14 per cent of votes were cast online. By 2010, however, online voting accounted for almost all votes cast.

Furthermore, with Internet penetration at 77 per cent of Australian households (Roy Morgan, June, 2010), there has been an increase in the number of
people voting online within each age group and across all demographics. The Outstanding Awards will now be chosen by a judging panel of independent industry experts only, rather than the previous system which included a mix of appointed television executives and independent expert

TV WEEK Editor Emma Nolan said: “Moving to 100 per cent online voting for the Popular Awards at the TV WEEK Logies in 2011 makes the
voting process easier and allows us to include more shows and stars for readers to choose from. Removing the voting coupon from the
magazine also allows us more space to focus on editorial, which our readers love.