Press release from Adele Feletto Publicity

The fin-slapping animated fish comedy series GASP! is set to make a splash on ABC3 – weekdays at 4.50pm starting Tuesday August 9 2011.

The 52 x 11 minute series is based on the successful GASP!, ZAPT!, SPLAT!, SQUISH!, CRASH!, CHOMP! series of comic books by Australian author/illustrator/genius, Terry Denton and will keep 6-12 year olds across Australia GASPing for air with laughter!

Executive Producer, Suzanne Ryan said “ABC3 is the perfect home for GASP! reaching boys and girls in the series’ target demographic. The characters and stories from Terry Denton’s comics leap off the page and onto the screen in this silly cartoon series that will have kids right across Australia rolling around laughing and tuning in each day for more GASP! adventures”.

Head of Programming and Acquisitions Children’s TV at ABC TV, Barbara Uecker said “We are looking forward to adding GASP! to our line-up of high-quality local and international programs. GASP! is age appropriate for our ABC3 audience and has all the right ingredients to be a success in the after-school timeslot”.

Ever wondered what pets get up to when there are no humans around to spoil the fun? This is the place to find out in a show about a larger-than-life golden carp named Gasp, whose imagination is as big as his heart.

This fin-twitchingly funny series follows the zany antics of Gasp and his fellow pet mates left home alone when Mum, Dad and their two kids, Ginger and Fred, have gone off to work, school or play.

From boot scootin’ pond guppies to pet singing/dancing revues, anything can happen in this house — and usually does! Gasp, Catflap, Dogbox and Beetlenick will be getting stuck into another seriously fun situation in every pun-packed episode.

Gasp is a thrill-seeking gold-fish who is noisy, enthusiastic, cheeky and hyperactive. He is way too smart and savvy for his own good and constantly craves stimulation.

Dogbox is an excitable dog who has unstoppable energy and loves everybody unconditionally, even the protective cat, Catflap whose compulsive efforts to save others are constantly putting her in hilarious jeopardy. Beetlenick the cool and image-conscious beetle lacks morals leading him to tell outrageous lies which backfire when he tells the truth and no one believes him!

Mrs Winston, the mother to the toxic ticking toddler time bomb guppy, Winston, is a motor-bike ridin’, boot-scootin’ piece of pond-trash who speaks rough, acts tough and has more attitude than a shoal of angry barracuda.

Terry Denton is a multiple-award-winning children’s author-illustrator best known for the GASP! series, the Wombat and Fox series and the best-selling Just! books, in collaboration with Andy Griffiths. He has written twenty children’s books and collaborated on eighty more with some of the most popular children’s authors in Australia.

SLR Productions is one of Australia’s leading and Emmy Award winning children’s entertainment companies that specializes in the creative development and production of world-class children's entertainment programmes. Executive Producer Suzanne Ryan established SLR as an independent production company in 2003 and, since then, has been sourcing and developing significant properties for the international children's market. With more than 60 hours of content sold in over 50 countries around the world, SLR Productions continues to create hit shows with truly global potential. SLR Productions is owned by Suzanne Ryan and South Pacific Pictures.