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Distracted Media’s Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey will bring to the big screen this year the infamous Victoria Island adventures of explorer, Clark Carter and his expedition partner, Chris Bray in “The Crossing”.

The award-winning filmmakers of Australian horror film, The Tunnel partnered with the Australian adventurers two years ago. Directed by Julian Harvey and with the support of Australian Geographic, iinet and Gore-Tex®, the feature documentary will detail the first attempt in 2005 by Clark Carter and Chris Bray to navigate Victoria Island in the Arctic Circle. It will then recount when the pair returned in 2008 to finally complete the expedition.

Hauling half a tonne of food and equipment across 1000 kilometres of mud, rock and tundra, the adventurers braved being chased by wolves, battled blizzards and hid from polar bears. After spending 128 days on the island together, Clark Carter and Chris Bray became the first people in history to walk across the remarkable Victoria Island.

"Nothing comes easy with Victoria Island so to finally finish the expedition after four years of blood, sweat and tears was really an amazing feeling. I'm really excited we're now able to share our adventure with the rest of the world," said Clark Carter.

Bringing to life Chris’ book, The 1000 Hour Day, the filmmakers have sifted through in excess of 100 hours of high-definition footage to condense it to a one and a half hour film that accurately told the plight of the adventurers.

"As someone who has done a fair bit of mountaineering, I've come across quite a lot of adventure stories, but this one stood out straight away. Not only because of the quality of the footage they captured but the incredible determination Clark and Chris showed to reach their goal. It is a truly inspiring story," said Julian Harvey.

“The Crossing” will premiere as part of the 2012 film festival circuit with a plan for mainstream distribution. Visit

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