Crossing The Ditch named best adventure film in Canada

09 November, 2010 by IF

Press release from Avviso PR

Crossing the Ditch, the inspiring documentary of James Castrission and Justin Jones' epic kayak journey between Australia and New Zealand, has been named Best Film on Adventure & Exploration at the 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada.


Announced at 7.30pm on Sunday 7 November in Banff (1.30pm on Monday 8 November in Sydney), the win recognises the importance of this dramatic film, which traces the heroic efforts of two young Australians as they cross the treacherous Tasman Sea.

An unpredictable adventure, in which they battle sharks, sun, fatigue and huge seas to reach their destination – tired and hungry, but still alive – the film was a natural choice for this internationally renowned festival, which celebrates inspiring endeavours in the great outdoors.

"James and I are absolutely stoked that Crossing the Ditch has been honoured with the award for Best Film on Adventure and Exploration," said Justin Jones.

"When we dreamt up the idea back in 2001we were just two naive young blokes that just wanted to go for a paddle, we never thought that we would have the opportunity to share it on the world stage at a festival like Banff!"

Crossing the Ditch, also known by its alternate title 62 Days at Sea, had a great response from audiences at the festival, which attracts 10,000 people each year.

Greg Quail, founder of Quail TV, said he was thrilled to hear of the film's win: "James and Justin's feat was an epic achievement, and we were honoured to bring their story to the screen."

"When it comes to adventure, their story is second to none. I couldn't think of a more appropriate category for us to win."

Quail TV is renowned for its success in producing compelling documentary and factual film, with another of its recent successes being the real-life series Find My Family, which delivered the Seven Network one of the biggest Australian factual hits of all time and sparked US and UK productions of the Dutch format.

Banff Mountain Film Festival was held in Canada on 6 and 7 November 2010:

"At first you ask 'Why? Why do some individuals risk everything to test the boundaries of endurance?' Like all great stories this one offers answers. Through its humour and tears, its aspirations, perils, follies and ultimate triumph we learn what it is to be human and that together, we negotiate the chaos of the world by relying on the better, more heroic parts of ourselves." George Miller, Oscar-winning director, on Crossing The Ditch.

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