Cutting Edge’s new Melbourne facility has kicked off in style, having just delivered post on the quirky and high profile Carlton Cold TVC campaign.

Directed by Steve Saussey (Stuff and Nonsense) via Clemenger BBDO, Cutting Edge handled the grade and online, while Stuart Morley edited the spot in the Melbourne facility.

According to Sharon Pearson, EP, the end result is stunning in several ways.

“Steve Saussey has woven a little magic here; the spots look fantastic and he’s treated the comedy with a deft touch,” she said. “And Heather Galvin, our online artist, is a real star, and she grabbed this opportunity to collaborate with Steve and help bring his stunning visual treatment to life.”

Heather Galvin said it was a real pleasure working with both Steve and Yolande.

“Aside from his brilliant eye, you can't help being highly amused by Steve’s sense of humor and his easygoing manner,” said Heather.

Sharon continued: “Another highlight for Cutting Edge was the way the project was seamlessly managed between various locations, given the agency was in Melbourne, the production company was in NZ, and we tapped into some Sydney resources. That’s one huge advantage we have at Cutting Edge – with facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we can make anything work,” said Sharon.

“With our core team guiding the way, we were also able to bring in the right people for the project, and that meant a result that everyone was over the moon about,” she said.

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