Cutting Edge picks up bronze award at AdFest

30 March, 2011 by IF

Press release from Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge, a leading provider of creative, broadcast, visual effects, film and technical services to the media and entertainment industries, today announced their bronze award for Suntory Boss coffee TVC – History of Human Kind.


Cutting Edge made finalist for all entries at this years Pacific Advertising Festival (AdFest), with nominations for Coke – ‘Burn’, Tooheys Extra Dry – ‘Portals’ and ultimate bronze winner: Suntory Boss – ‘History of Human Kind’.

This latest commercial for Suntory Boss tells the story of an immortal who has inhabited the earth since 10,000 BC. Starring American actor, Tommy Jones, this commercial is the climax to a series of spots all featuring epic-endings. The task for Cutting Edge’s VFX team lead by Jeff Gaunt and Ron Roberts, was to demonstrate the evolution of the earth, Woolly Mammoths, the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China, all the way to modern day Tokyo.

Gaunt said, “In order to produce an accurate vision of these eras, in depth research and development was imperative!” Constructing these scenes meant a great amount of time was spent analysing these wonders of the world. Roberts of Cutting Edge said, “It was like being back at school! We were blown away over and over again by the architecture and the history.”

Making finalist let-alone taking away the bronze medal was acknowledgement enough for Takeshi Takada, international producer at Cutting Edge who said, “It’s a great achievement to be recognized in the region”.