Dame Changer selects three female-led projects for Mentor to Market program

12 June, 2018 by Staff Writer

Rachel Ward and Ann Sherry at Dame Changer’s Screen Tank launch last month. 

Dame Changer has announced the three recipients of its Mentor to Market program, designed to get female-led projects market ready and greenlit.


Of those selected are two feature films, Tango Underpants (producers Tania Chambers, Miranda Edmonds; directors Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds; screenwriter Kathryn Lefoy) and Chain Reaction (writer, co-producer Liz Doran and producer Renata Gombac), and television drama Secret Threads (writer, producer Rebecca Ingram, co-writer Michele Lee, story producer Mike Jones).

Each project will be matched with a woman from a senior position within the industry for a development coaching program, to run over a year.

With support from Film Finances, each of the feature film producers will also attend Melbourne International Film Festival’s 37ºSouth, where under the Bridging the Gap stand, they will have four days of bespoke one-to-one meetings with international film financiers/buyers.

Launched earlier this year on International Women’s Day, Dame Changer as an organisation aims to build successful sustainable careers for women in screen, with a project-focus. It is supported by Create NSW.

Each of the selected projects was workshopped via Dame Changer’s three-day Screen Tank program last month, which was designed to commercial access and build market opportunities for female-led projects.

“When we launched Screen Tank in May, the precursor to our 12-month Mentor to Market program, we had high hopes for the program,” said Debra Richards, CEO Ausfilm and Dame Changer member. “The results have exceeded our expectations and we have been very impressed by the commitment and talent that our Screen Tank has brought to the table in early May.”

Mentor to Market Project Teams 


Deep in denial over her mother’s recent death, a pragmatic young Australian travels to Uruguay to find her estranged father, along the way discovering the joys of tango, a whole new family — and the perfect pair of undies.

Feisty Dame Productions & Cottesloe Films – Production Companies

Tania Chambers & Miranda Edmonds – Producers

Miranda Edmonds & Khrob Edmonds – Directors

Kathryn Lefroy – Writer


The story of three brave people and their unlikely journey to become powerful activists whose audacious bravery changes history in Australia and the world – set against the backdrop of the AIDS era this uplifting, powerful story of hope will inspire future generations.

Liz Doran – Writer, Co-Producer

Renata Gombac – Producer


There are too many suspicious deaths occurring within the Melbourne Hmong-Laos community; but when the angry spirit Tsog Tsuam comes knocking on Parita’s door, she is forced to enter a world she long ago rejected in order to free her family from their dark past.

Rebecca Ingram – Creator/writer/creative producer

Michele Lee – Co-writer

Mike Jones – Story producer