Think Buffy, The Vampire Slayer but in Australia. deadside, a new project by Sydney-based production company SL8IT, is based on a teenage girl, Sara, who doesn’t fit in. She has an obsession with voodoo but finds comfort in her only true friend, a clairboyant, Mambo.

One day her life is thrown into turmoil when a mysterious, older man enters her life and voodoo prophecies start to come true. Baron Samedi, guardian of the underworld, is corrupted and has risen from deadside to take over the world. Sara is Ogunte, the warrior path of Yemalla. She is the only one who can cross over to deadside. She is the only one who can stop him.

The young teen adventure pilot was shot for four months in 17 different locations across Sydney. The low-budget show's director, David Di Muro, told IF "we wanted to make it dark and edgy [and] we wanted it to be a bit more hard-hitting". The creators are hoping to do a 10×30-minute series of the show.

To keep up to date on the project, visit the official homepage, the Facebook page and the production company's page.

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