Dean Kyrwood cast as co-lead in Alex Proyas short after starring in ‘The Flood’

04 February, 2020 by Don Groves

Dean Kyrwood in ‘The Flood’ (Photo credit: Coco Banks Photography).

Dean Kyrwood will play psychic twin brothers in Alex Proyas’ surreal short film Mask of the Evil Apparition.


The first film to shoot at Proyas’ new self-contained studio in Sydney, it will star Bonnie Ferguson as Olivia, a young woman lost in a nocturnal, dreamlike city.

Antonio and his twin brother try to help Olivia find her way home but quickly realise she is being pursued by a shadowy cult known as The Mysterious Ones.

Although Antonio has the ability to psychically connect with the cult there is little he can do to protect her or himself from Olivia’s own evil supernatural twin.

It’s the filmmaker’s third collaboration with Ferguson, who appeared in his short Phobos and in a photographic exhibition. “I think Bonnie’s a star – a true film actor who can convey so much just with those incredible eyes,” he tells IF.

“Dean can convey the perfect mix of sympathy, charm and likability, with a tinge of menace when needed. A great combination for many a role and perfect for the character he plays in this film. I’m lucky to have them both for this film and think they’ll work really well together.”

Filming starts later this month with the cast shot against a green screen and the short will premiere on Proyas’ YouTube channel Mystery Clock.

Dean Kyrwood with George Pullar in ‘Moon Rock for Monday.’

Kyrwood’s career is burgeoning with roles in the fourth season of Easy Tiger/Nine Network’s Doctor Doctor and the features The Flood and Moon Rock for Monday. In Doctor Doctor he plays Dave, a fly in, fly out mine worker.

Co-incidentally he portrays Shamus and Paddy Mackay, twin sons of a prominent rural family in The Flood, a 1940s feminist revenge/redemption Western which marks the feature debut of writer-director Victoria Wharfe McIntyre.

WAAPA graduate Alexis Lane (Pulse, Cleverman) plays Jarah, who loses her husband Waru (Shaka Cook), her child, her land and her innocence and so embarks on a brutal journey of retribution and revenge that transforms into redemption and reconciliation.

The Flood explores a tumultuous time in post WWII regional Australia,” Victoria tells IF. “It was shot in my Kangaroo Valley home town, which has been ravaged by the Australian megafires, obliterating many of the locations. The film now serves as a visual archive of an ancient Australian landscape that no longer exists.”

Madman Entertainment will release the film which co-stars Aaron Jeffery, Eddie Baroo, Socratis Otto and Simone Landers, with XYZ Films handling international sales.

Dean plays Tony, the owner of a pawn shop in Moon Rock for Monday, a coming-of-age road movie from first-time writer-director Kurt Martin, produced by Lunar Pictures’ Jim Robison.

George Pullar (Fighting Season, Playing for Keeps, A Place to Call Home) stars as homeless teenager Tyler, who is on the run from the cops when he meets Monday (newcomer Ashlyn Louden-Gamble) a terminally ill 11-year-old.

Forming an unlikely bond, they embark on a road trip across the country in search of a moon rock which Monday believes will heal her. Pinnacle Films is the Oz distributor.