Filming has started on December Media’s 3D Imax film Life in Space – a follow on from the box office success Hidden Universe 3D.

With the Islands of Hawaii as its backdrop, Life in Space explores the tenacity of life, transforming lava deserts into living Edens. From the depths of the Pacific Ocean, to the ice moons of Jupiter and Saturn, beyond our solar system and out into the far reaches of space we search for the essential elements needed to sustain life.

Life in Space is the second 3D film in December Media’s space story trilogy. The third, Earth Story, is due to start production this September.

Like  Hidden Universe 3D, these are being produced in partnership with Swinburne University Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing with investment from Film Victoria.

December Media’s Head of Giant Screen Production Stephen Amezdroz says, “As knowledge of our planet grows, so to does our understanding of the possibilities out in universe. Biology is no longer just the science of life on one planet but of all planets.

“A new science called Astrobiology is changing the way we think about life on Earth and beyond. In any great detective story if you profile your suspect you have a greater chance of finding them, and so it is with our search for life in space.”.

3D computer generated Images are being created 8K per eye representing the highest levels of CGI detail yet used in an Imax / Giant Screen Film anywhere in the world. Life in Space is due to be released in the summer of 2016.

December Media’s third film Earth Story takes us on a visual journey to see our world during its birth, its infancy and its adolescence. Earth Story allows viewers to see our home’s glorious history using the power of 3D Imax to discover that our world was once stranger than science fiction and more visually spectacular than our wildest dreams.

A fourth film is being financed. .

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