Nadine Garner.

The Seven Network today released the synopsis of December Media’s telemovie spin-off of The Doctor Blake Mysteries and the first pic from the set.

Series regular Ian Barry is directing The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories, which follows Nadine Garner’s Jean Blake after the disappearance of her husband Doctor Lucien Blake.

Scripted by another series alumni in Paul Jenner, the plot follows Jean as she is unexpectedly drawn into the investigation of a pair of seemingly disparate murders whose only link seems to be a series of newspaper articles recently published in The Courier about Ballarat’s most infamous unsolved mysteries.

Jean’s world had fallen apart when Lucien went missing, presumed dead. But that inner strength which sustained her through the losses of war and enabled her to raise two sons on her own won’t allow her to be defeated.

Aided by her friends, Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson (Joel Tobeck) and newly appointed police surgeon Alice Harvey (Belinda McClory), she is thrown back into a world she thought she had left behind.

Screen Australia and Film Victoria are investing in the telepic, now shooting in Victoria, produced by December Media and series co-creator George Adams’ Gambit Media.

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  1. So glad that the series is returning, the shorts look great and Nadine Garder has what it takes to pull it off. Also VERY glad that the script allows for Craig McLaughlin to return.
    Very unfair that he is guilty until proven innocent and even if he is found to have behaved in a manner that some cast members of the RHS felt over stepped the line, he should not be excluded from working with the cast of Dr BM – they don’t seem to have had any issues with him.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tele movie “The Blake Mysteries – A new beginning.” Congratulations to Nadine Garner who excelled in her role of Jean Blake & congratulations to the script writers, keeping the TV audience guessing until Jean & the Police Surgeon, played by Belinda Mc Clory, finally unravelled the mystery. Even if it is not intended for Dr Blake to be brought back, I think a new series with the same scriptwriters, featuring Nadine Garner continuing her role as Mrs Blake solving crimes, would be very much appreciated & enjoyed by those who followed the original Dr Blake mysteries & enjoyed the telemovie as much as I did.

    I do hope those involved in making the Telemovie will give serious consideration to creating another series.

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