Dendy Direct for iOS users

12 November, 2014 by IF

Dendy is pleased to announce that we’re coming to a TV near you with Dendy Direct, our premium video on demand service.

Dendy Direct content is now AirPlay supported, bringing the content you love to your TV screen. iOS users can now seamlessly access quality content on their TV in the comfort of their home, whenever they want. Dendy Direct has given iOS consumers more choice in how and where they view our quality movies and TV shows.


With content now AirPlay supported, customers can wirelessly stream whatever* they’re viewing on their iOS device directly to their TV via an Apple TV, making the transition from portable device to television screen easier than ever before. Android users will also be able to view content on the largest screen in the house from Q1 of 2015 when Dendy Direct content will also be Chromecast supported.

Featuring an uncomplicated user experience, AirPlay offers yet more possibilities to access the carefully curated movies and TV shows featured on Dendy Direct and, most importantly, it can all be done from the couch. The full suite of Dendy Direct content can now be discovered and experienced in the best way possible – on TV. We understand that consumers have come to expect a high quality movie experience in the comfort of their home and
we are committed to delivering a movie experience which is seamless and exceeds expectations.

Greg Hughes, CEO of Dendy, says, “We are incredibly proud of our progress in the last three months since launch and have also been delighted by the positive response from our customers. As a local entertainment provider, AirPlay represents yet another step in the improvement and delivery of a more holistic movie experience for our customers – also demonstrating our drive in seeking ways to develop the service, which we will continue to do. 

As the only cinema chain in Australia offering a video on demand service, this latest addition marks our dedication to servicing the full breadth of Australian quality entertainment needs.”

To sign up to Dendy Direct please visit

*some distributors’ restrictions may apply