Press release from the Australian Production Design Guild

After sixteen months of quietly meeting and discussing possibilities the Australian Production Design Guild is stepping out onto the world stage. Never before has there been an Australian organisation created specifically to represent the design community in film, television, theatre and interactive media industries.

On Tuesday the 18th of May, the spotlight will shine on Academy Award Nominees, production designer Roger Ford and set decorator Kerrie Brown, who will take us behind the scenes of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Australia’s leading set designers and art directors including Catherine Martin (Australia, Moulin Rouge!), Michael Scott Mitchell (Der Ring Des Nibelungen, La Fanciulla del West), Steven Jones Evans (Romper Stomper, Ned Kelly), and George Liddle (Daybreakers, Dark City) have accepted invitations from the guild to become the first APDG accredited members.

The invitation to join the APDG is now open. Exciting developments include mentoring initiatives, state based committees, design talks, and an annual award ceremony.

The APDG network and website will also provide an opportunity for graduates from national arts institutions to begin to find their feet within the profession, source professional standards, seek advice from industry leaders and employment opportunities, and ultimately pursue further professional accreditation.

Sarah Stollman Head of Screen Design at AFTRS commented: “… because of the inspiration and diligence of a small group of designers and the support of a large group of all art department crew, at long last … [we] will have a central guild.”

Michael Scott-Mitchell, Head of Design at NIDA states ”Opening up dialogue between designers is where we believe the Guild will provide succour”.

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