Delivered by Screen Canberra, Screen POD is an intensive gateway program for Australian writers, directors and producers seeking to develop and market-test screen projects with strong commercial prospects.

  • Over five months, we train you in proven development methods, we help you develop your project, and set up your own virtual writers’ room with a developer
  • You will have multiple opportunities to learn, rehearse, and deliver a project pitch that articulates your intentions, and connects with the market gatekeepers.
  • Whether you write for film, TV, or you’re not entirely sure yet, the 2021 Screen POD will help you maximise your creativity, AND your chances to find a buyer for your script.

A 5-month long market-centred program that has been developed with viewing habits and platforms in mind. This format agnostic program will be delivered in three streams: Process, Project and Pitch.


  • Learn and apply industry standard analytical tools.
  • Understand the nature and business of development.
  • Build flexible development habits, suited to your needs.


  • Generate a multitude of fresh ideas for marketable screen productions.
  • Collaborate in a virtual writers’ room, and receive expert feedback.
  • Learn and practise the discipline and routine of writing for the screen.


  • Understand the various aspects of pitching in the screen industry.
  • Develop and practise an effective pitch for your own screen project.
  • Conduct industry standard pitch meetings with leading producers.


Alex Ringland  |  PROJECT MANAGER

02 5104 8986 [email protected]

Download the program here

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