Digistor Appointed as SnapStream Dealer

23 October, 2013 by IF


Digistor, a local digital solutions supplier to the digital media market, has announced the company’s appointment as a SnapStream reseller to sell
and support SnapStream’s range of TV monitoring and search products.


SnapStream enables monitoring of local and national TV coverage. Multiple TV channels can be recorded at once and the content can be searched by keyword to find anything said on TV. Unlimited TV clips can be created and shared in the cloud or distributed for post-production and broadcast.

“We’re delighted to have been appointed as SnapStream’s dealer” stated Digistor Managing Director, Andrew Mooney. “We were amazed at the
ease of searching and repurposing of television content that their products provided when we saw them at NAB earlier this year. There’s significant
opportunity in the local market.”

SnapStream Sales Manager, Gayan Gunawardana, sees Digistor as an ideal partner to sell and support their product range in Australia given the product’s features and Digistor’s market focus.

“We’re excited to be working with Digistor and believe that SnapStream’s ability to monitor, search and distribute television content will fit in neatly with Digistor’s customers’ requirements, the company’s technical skill set and their solutions experience,” Gunawardana said.

SnapStream provides recording, searching, archiving and clipping of unlimited TV content, using a Mac or PC web interface. Customers can start with the SnapStream DVB-T or scale up with a SnapStream Cluster to blanket TV with 24/7 recordings.

Key Customers and Applications

Anyone that needs to record, search and repurpose television content will find SnapStream invaluable. Below are just a few examples of how customers in their respective markets use SnapStream. For specific case studies visit http://www.snapstream.com/casestudies.

• Entertainment
Television writers and researchers utilise the TV search platform to produce news,
comedy and talk shows with clips freshly cut from multi-channel SnapStreams.
Finding inspiration and/or content is easy: all it takes is a keyword search to
plough through thousands of hours of HD-TV. A few clicks later, the segment is

• Government
In local, state and federal government, SnapStream is an invaluable tool for
media monitoring. The powerful DVR-search engine lets operators record and
search thousands of hours of news clips as required. Eliminate the expense of
clipping fees. Plus, with built-in TV alerts, communications officials can share the
news and take instant action.

• Education
For K-12 schools and universities, SnapStream provides a catch-all solution to
affordably bring TV to the classroom. Since SnapStream enables teachers to
record and stream educational content over the local-area network, lessons
can be flexibly attuned to what’s timely and interesting for students. TV search
technology is also uniquely useful for content analysis of broadcast journalism.
SnapStream comes in many possible blends and configurations. SnapStream
DVB-T makes it possible to record from 4 to 10 channels simultaneously and
to develop a TV archive larger than 34,000 hours with expandable storage.

Scalability is supported with SnapStream’sclustering technology.

“Digistor will configure a specific solution to match a
customer’s requirements,” explained Mooney. “This will include the right SnapStream components, storage, archive, transcoding, editing facilities and network infrastructure depending on the application.”