Press release from Digistor

Digital media integration specialist, Digistor Pty Ltd, has appointed Mr. Nic Smith as Workflow & Application Specialist to provide consulting and pre-sales specialist services to the company’s customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Nic Smith brings to Digistor a wealth of experience from his most recent role as Technical Director at Digital Pictures where he managed all aspects of DP’s Digital Intermediate (DI), Film, VFX and editorial processes. He also worked as Digital Intermediate Technician at Molinare, the prestigious film and broadcast postproduction facility in the heart of Soho, London.

“Digistor’s ongoing focus is on services for implementing digital media production workflows rather than the sale of boxed products,” stated Managing Director Andrew Mooney. “Nic represents an invaluable resource for our customers for the analysis and deployment of complete pipelines to achieve optimum postproduction productivity, quality and value. If you need to work out the best way to achieve any film, television or digital media creation and delivery objectives, Nic is your man.”

Nic’s skill-set spans Avid pipelines, Autodesk’s creative finishing tools including Smoke and Flame, high end SAN storage technology and workflows, colour science work, stereoscopy, digital cinema and a multitude of other media and entertainment technologies.

“Of course I was aware of Digistor working for Digital Pictures, but it’s great to now be on the other side of the fence and to able to utilise my skills for helping people across a range of creative organisations create their best work,” stated Nic. “Using Digistor’s sales and service resources I can specify and deliver optimum equipment and operational solutions to the organisations that are producing the best entertainment in the country.”

Nic is available to Digistor customers as a premium resource for workflow analysis, pipeline development, R&D of new and exciting products and scoping of projects ranging from two-seat pipelines all the way through to big-budget feature films.

“We are very excited to have Nic at Digistor,” commented Andrew Mooney. “We look forward to helping a wide range of customers conceptualise and rollout facilities that really make their work-flow!”

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