DTFX is pleased to announce that we have added to our fleet of high volume Wind Machines.

Wind is a staple Special Effect. Whether you need big wind to simulate a tropical storm or a discreet, quiet air mover to ruffle a curtain on a set, wind can add mood and character to your job.

We have recently added to our range of wind machines to offer you even greater choice.

We have 2 x 2 metre, high output electric wind machines.  We have an historic, original 1.6 metre electric Ritter fan.

We have a lightweight, carbon fibre bladed Rotax petrol-powered wind machine for difficult locations.

We have highly experienced crew to operate them.

All these machines produce wind from a light breeze up to a punchy Beaufort Force 8 gale (over 60 km/h)

We also recently acquired four Mole Richardson Type 1971 studio fans.

These are the classic studio film fan.  They’re quiet, powerful and proven over decades of film production.

They are the original Molefan with a fully variable DC motor, capable of producing anything from the lightest breeze to a hair-raising mini typhoon-in-a-studio.

We have just finished restoring them after they spent some years in storage. They were fully sandblasted, primed and re-painted in the classic Mole colour.

Every nut and bolt was renewed, every component and wire double-checked. They are good as new. They come on a custom-designed trolley for ease of use.

And our wind machines are available for dry hire at competitive daily rates.

When you need a dose of wind, call DTFX.


Instagram: dtfx_sfx

email:  dt@dtfx.net

David Trethewey 0418 669 873

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