After nearly 20 years in Shed 1 at the Canal Road Film Centre, DTFX is moving workshops…

All the way to Shed 2.

It’s a little sad to be leaving here, and there’s a stunning amount of gear to be shifted, but the opportunity to move into more efficient and productive space was too good to pass up.

During the time I’ve been here, we’ve gone from having a basic setup to now having a wide range of quality, professional SFX gear.  We can service pretty much any effect that you can think of, and we do it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We’ve got wind machines, smoke machines, pyro and explosives gear, fire and flame gear, rigging gear, air gear, water pumps and tankers, arguably the best rain set-up in the country, electronics gear, safety gear and just about every other type of effects gear you can think of.

The workshop is equipped with a wide range of fabrication gear – welders, metal and wood saws, lathe, power tools etc – so we can make just about any type of rig you need – product rigs, camera rigs, stunt rigs, as well as model making.

And now it’s all got to go!  Across the driveway.

If you’re down Canal Road way, poke your nose in and check out the new space in Shed 2.  Or watch the progress on Instagram at dtfx_sfx, or DTFX on Facebook.

Now, where’s the Tiger Balm?


Special Effects for Film, TV, and TVCs

Instagram: dtfx_sfx


David Trethewey

SFX Supervisor


m:  0418 669 873

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