Dubsat launches TVC captioning service

14 June, 2011 by IF

Press release from Well Above

Global cross-media asset management and content distribution company Dubsat today announced that it has launched its world first online TVC captioning service, Captionflow, delivering a completely automated way for agencies and advertisers to reach an additional audience of over 3.25 million deaf and hearing impaired in Australia and over 250,000 in New Zealand.


Dubsat Global CEO, Grant Schuetrumpf said, ““By integrating Captionflow into the Dubsat workflow TVCs can be captioned and delivered in as little as an hour. The entire captioning process is automated and streamlined with online captioning preview, acceptance and insertion for delivery to the broadcasters, as well as one simple online invoice for captioning. It really couldn’t be any easier or more convenient.”

As time is often of the essence in today’s fast moving TVC environment, Captionflow is linked with Dubsat’s highly acclaimed MediaPro to quickly and efficiently facilitate the conversion of material to accommodate STL caption files.

Linda Baker, General Manager of Dubsat’s sister company The SubStation added, “When a client logs in online via mydubsat to book their TVC delivery, they simply select the ‘Caption via The SubStation’ option and an instruction is generated and sent to The SubStation. We then immediately caption and quality-assure the insertion of the caption file into the TVC, ready for broadcast approval and delivery with a confirmation also sent to the client. The client can then preview the captioned TVC online and approve. It’s the most convenient way ever to have TVCs captioned and approved, all from the desktop”.

Alex Varley, CEO of Media Access Australia said, “This service is a great example of how the captioning industry is maturing and developing. Processes that were considered specialist and difficult a few years ago are now being mainstreamed and made the norm. The smart companies always got ahead of the competition by putting captions on their TVCs and Captionflow is a brilliant innovation that makes the decision to caption even easier and faster.”

Grant Schuetrumpf concluded, “There is no longer a need to caption using traditional tape-based methods. Captionflow is simple, easy to use and above all else the client is more in control of the process. It is also very much in keeping with the Dubsat ethos of providing our users with increased efficiencies through innovation and convenience.”

Captionflow, Dubsat’s world first online captioning service is live and available to all Dubsat users now via www.dubsat.com.au and www.dubsat.co.nz