In a move that will catch the attention of leading directors, Cutting Edge announced today that highly respected editor Billy Browne has signed up with its new Melbourne studio.

With 15 years in the cutting room, Billy has a knack for artistic storytelling, problem-solving and is much loved for his quirky creativity. Most recently he has been working with high calibre directors on a range of projects spanning all genres, from comedy to drama to Paul Goldman’s epic ‘Three Little Letters’ for Commbank.

According to John Fleming, Cutting Edge Executive Producer, Billy will be an excellent fit and a huge asset to the Melbourne team.

“Billy’s a visionary, he’s got a unique style, and he’s very experienced,” said John.

Billy is excited about a future with Cutting Edge, and sees an opportunity to really let his craft and creative thinking flourish.

“With Cutting Edge’s support and caring nature, tied in with beautifully grand edit suites, I know I have found a home that my Directors – along with Agencies and Clients – will not want to leave. I feel really lucky to have a space like this to edit in.”

John Fleming added that Billy will be able to cut across various disciplines, supported by the technical backup and expertise that the company is known for. “Billy’s flexibility fits nicely with our mantra of finding the right solution for every project; this means he can also cut off-site.”


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