Essential links with Carbon Media on teen series

25 September, 2014 by Don Groves

Six misfits are thrown together at a remote research station on Aboriginal land where they seek answers to the apparent disappearance of a leading scientist in an upcoming teen comedy-drama series.

Entitled Camp Crazy, the project marks the first collaboration between Essential Media and Entertainment and Brisbane-based Carbon Media.


Set in Far North Queensland, the series will follow the unlikely teen heroes as the boundaries between reality, mythology and time shift before their eyes. Each of the 26 x 24’ episodes will work independently, linked by an overarching story: the search for the scientist.

Developed with the assistance of Screen Queensland, the concept was conceived by Essential Media partner and executive producer Carmel Travers. She took the idea to Carbon Media executive producer Wayne Denning and general manager / creative executive Amber Moran.

“We’d met two years ago at Kidscreen and discussed a number of ideas at that time– including animation, cross-media ideas and a kids drama series that I’d started thinking about called Camp Crazy,” Travers told IF.

“I wanted to explore the location potential of FNQ because it’s spectacular. Wayne and Amber immediately warmed to the idea. We began workshopping at several meetings in Sydney and Brisbane, and wherever our paths overlapped, including at last year’s Kidscreen. So it’s been a gradual evolution.

“Camp Crazy fits our respective strengths extremely well and we’re very much looking forward to working with Wayne and his creative team to bring the live action program to life.”

Denning said, “Whenever an amazing opportunity like this comes along, we embrace it. The collaboration is a first for Carbon.”

The producers are workshopping the ideas with several writers and have had preliminary talks with a few directors but none is yet confirmed. They’re in discussions with Australian networks and international sales companies.