Film distribution expert to converge on Adelaide

08 February, 2011 by IF

Press release from Miranda Brown Publicity

Film distribution expert STACEY PARKS will be coming to Adelaide to hold a 2-day Master Class, presented by the South Australian Film Corporation and GOING GLOBAL: How To Make, Market, & Sell Your Film To Audiences Worldwide will discuss innovative DIY strategies for financing, marketing, and distributing films in today's marketplace; strategies filmmakers need to have in place before they make their films!


“Every film is different,” says Parks.

“And Australian filmmakers have their own unique challenges. Each film requires a tailored financing, marketing, and distribution strategy in order to succeed in the marketplace. This needs to be in place before you go out and start raising financing for your film. You need to have explored what type of financing makes sense for your particular project, who the target audience is, how you can reach and market to them, and what type of distribution is realistic and will allow you to recoup your investment.”

Stacey Parks has over 15 years experience working with independent film producers. She became a Foreign Sales Agent in 2001 and over the course of her career as a sales agent secured distribution for hundreds of independent films and programs worldwide.

After spending several years in the trenches of film distribution, Stacey wrote The Insiders Guide To Independent Film Distribution while simultaneously launching, a website dedicated to training filmmakers about film financing, distribution, & marketing.

Since its launch, Film Specific has grown to become a community of thousands of members from across the globe, and was recently named by Moviemaker Magazine "one of the 50 best websites for moviemakers", and "one of the top 25 websites that filmmakers need to know about".

Recognized as an expert in the field, Stacey has spoken and lectured extensively on the subject of film distribution across the United States and Europe, including at the American Film Market, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, and British Film Institute, among many other festivals, panels, and workshops.

She holds a Masters degree in International Business from Pepperdine University and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

“In 2011 Australia’s filmmakers cannot afford to underestimate the importance of utilising latest web technology to finance and market their films,” said Defrim Isai, SAFC General Manager Industry, Development & Production.

“Stacey’s workshop will provide filmmakers with insider knowledge demystifying hybrid distribution and exploring new methods of marketing and financing films via the internet.

"The international film community is already embracing these methodologies and in order to be taken seriously in the marketplace, Australian filmmakers need to ensure they are connecting their work with a global audience to maximise their financial returns.

"We are encouraging all filmmakers, no matter where they work, to attend Stacey’s workshop which coincides with the opening of the Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival."