Film Vic approves $220,000 for development

09 April, 2010 by IF

Press release from Film Victoria

Film Victoria has approved more than $220,000 in script development support for 13 fiction feature films in various stages of development, paving the way for original ideas to become quality scripts and, ultimately, successful productions.


Film Victoria’s Fiction Feature Development funding programme recognises script development as integral to the success of productions in the screen industry.

Film Victoria CEO Sandra Sdraulig explains, “It’s about nurturing creative talent and original ideas, because script development is where it all begins. Our aim is to provide continuous support to a project as it evolves, to help it move through the stages of development so that an initial idea or vision can be turned into a production-ready script,” she said.

“In this latest round of development funding Film Victoria has supported some of the scripts from early drafts, so it’s pleasing to see these creative and talented teams advancing to the next stage of development with our support.”

The Fiction Feature Development funding programme helps projects attract further investment, look at how they can reach a targeted audience, move into production and ultimately strengthen Victoria's screen industry.

The funded projects, which include adaptations and original concepts, have all displayed commercial savvy and high-concept ideas across diverse genres ranging from rom-com, vampire fiction, action-adventure, bio-pics and animation.

Importantly, Film Victoria is the only state screen agency in Australia to offer funding for consultations with script development experts, recognising the importance of this process to overall script development. The projects selected for the three different stages of development funding are:

• BORN AGAIN VIRGIN – Giula Sandler (Writer)
• TRUE LOVE COMMANDOS – Cam Eason (Writer)
• ABRAHAM’S SON – Fin Edquist (Writer)
• B MODEL – Samantha Strauss (Writer), Louise Smith and Rachel Griffiths (Producers)

Outline to treatment
• CRUCIFIXIONATA – THE GEOFFREY TOZER STORY – Alan Hopgood (Writer), Lesley Hammond and Jenny Walsh (Producers)
• THE WORST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE – Ray Boseley (Writer), Beth Frey (Producer)
• YESTER DAN – John Pace (Writer), Polly Staniford (Producer)

Draft to Draft
• TAKE MY ADVICE… I’M NOT USING IT – Karin Altman and Sam Krum (Writers)
• BON SCOTT – Sophie Edelstein (Writer), Lizette Atkins (Producer)
• THE FEMALE FACTORY – Polly McGee and Yvette Blackwood (Writers), Caroline Waters (Producer)
• HORRENDO’S CURSE – Steven Vidler and Chris Phillips (Writers), Matt Hearn (Producer), Warren Coleman (Script Editor)
• SLOW FOOD FAST BUCK – George Tosi (Writer), Martin Fabinyi (Producer)
• THE SLEEPER – Fin Edquist (Writer), Mish Armstrong (Producer)

To stay informed of future funding opportunities, subscribe to Film Victoria’s e-news online at or on twitter Funding guidelines and application forms are available via the website.