The Film Victoria board has announced commitment of over $2 million in funding at the last board meeting for the financial year. Thirteen projects were supported through the production investment, pilot for TV or digital media broadcast, and digital media prototyping programs. 
Film Victoria CEO, Sandra Sdraulig, confirmed the companies Early Works, Inside Out Productions, Media World Pictures and Porchlight Films will share in over $1.1 million in funding to produce a range of TV, documentary, feature and multi-platform projects in the coming year.  
A further $260,000 was committed to Cascade Films and Beat Productions, for the production of long form television series pilots. 
Six companies Endgame Studios, Lycette Bros, QMCODES, Firemint, Torus Games and Firesyde will leverage $830,000 in funding to create digital media prototypes across mobile, Wii, Playstation, PC and online platforms.  
Ms Sdraulig said that the diversity of stories and platform concepts brought forward is evidence of a responsive screen industry, “Audiences are demanding engaging content across multiple platforms and our practitioners are stepping up to the mark, exploring new areas of creativity and communication. Congratulations to the successful applicants, we look forward to seeing how the new projects come to fruition.”
Sue Maslin of Inside Out Productions will produce a broadband interactive documentary titled Re-enchantment. Written and directed by Sarah Gibson, and animated by Rose Draper, Re-enchantment explores why fairytales continue to enchant and horrify adult audiences. The project will merge digital video, documentary footage, animation, still images and sound, and will have cross platform applications. 
Colin South and Ross Hutchens of Media World Pictures will produce a second season of the successful kids TV series Dogstar. Writers Doug McCleod and Phillip Dalkin will continue the adventures of Dogstar, giving the Clark kids a second chance to prove just how heroic they are.  
John Hughes of Early Works will write, direct and produce the feature documentary Indonesia Calling. Centred on Indonesia’s independence from Dutch Colonial rule, Indonesia Calling examines a film of the same name by Dutch activist filmmaker Joris Ivens and documents the implications of Australian involvement in defending the Republic.
The Porchlight Films feature project Animal Kingdom, explores Melbourne’s underworld, following 17 year old J as he navigates his survival amongst an explosive criminal family. Liz Watts will produce the feature film written and directed by David Michod.
Film Victoria is excited to support four new innovative mobile projects. Endgame Studios was supported to prototype two new concepts for the iPhone. Previous NickVic 3Gi recipients Lycette Bros will commence work on an interactive mobile concept and QMCODES will prototype a new content enabling platform.
Games company Firemint will develop a multiplayer prototype for PCs, while Torus Games will use funding to develop a puzzle game trial for Wii. New company Firesyde was supported to develop a cross platform content delivery prototype.

[Release by Film Vic]