[Release from Callum Cooper]

CINCH (′sinch’)
(Film Industry); A series of scratches on a roll film caused by mistreatment.

Two Melbourne artists, one a DJ (DJ Wasabi) and the other a filmmaker (Callum Cooper) have collaborated to help create a prototype; the world’s first audio-visual battle record.

The prototype is called cinch, a word used in the motion picture industry to describe a type of scratch on a film created by misuse.

A traditional "battle record" is a custom-made record that consists of short, evenly-spaced samples that can be scratched, juggled and mixed over other records with a standard DJ mixer. With this prototype DJs will be able to manipulate the same audio but now also custom-made animations.

This Film Victoria-supported project is a global collaboration consisting of original animated material from not only Australian animators but also Canadian, Mexican, French, Malaysian, Polish and English contributors.

Filmmaker Callum Cooper, who has created music videos for many Australian hip-hop acts including recent videos for the Hilltop Hoods and Tzu: "Every animator I have approached was really receptive to contributing to the project, I guess because I was only after one to four seconds from each person. It has been really enjoyable doing some of them. It is like the best part of making music videos, but instead of creating four minutes of material it’s just four seconds.”

A Melbourne City Council supported free recital will launch the prototype later this month in an inner city alleyway. The prototype will be used to create this half hour audio visual performance.

Venue: Finlay Lane (between Elizabeth street and queens street enter off little Lonsdale street)
After Party at Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale St
Opening: 7.30pm till 8.30pm
Dates: 12 September 2008

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