[Press Release by Solid Ink Communications]

Film Victoria’s CEO, Sandra Sdraulig, is proud to announce that the organisation is a finalist in the 2008 WorkSafe Awards, thanks to its industry-first online Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System. Nominated for Best Strategy for Health and Safety Management, Film Victoria is one of five inner-city finalists commended for their contribution to improving workplace health and safety.

Launched in 2007, Film Victoria’s online OH&S Management System is designed to simplify and assist the film and television industry to implement and manage health and safety practices. Since then the System has been leveraged by numerous Victorian productions such as Underbelly, Carla Cametti and international productions such as Alex Proyas’ latest film Knowing, which filmed in Melbourne earlier this year and starred Nicolas Cage.

Developed in consultation with industry practitioners, the System makes it easy for safety managers to take a thorough, systematic approach to managing a multitude of contractors on-set, at any given time.

“The unique nature of the screen industry means you have to account for myriad risk factors such as time pressures, diverse physical locations, changing weather conditions, stunts and set construction,” said Ms. Sdraulig.

“We’re delighted that the OH&S System has made it so much easier for managers to consult with employees, provide training, identify and assess hazards, and implement control measures. There’s enough to do on-set without having to re-invent a system each time to manage fundamental procedures.”

WorkSafe’s Executive Director, Health and Safety, John Merritt said the finalists were selected from 134 Award applications received from across Victoria. “There was a strong field of nominations for this year’s WorkSafe Awards, which give well-earned credit to those striving to make real difference in their workplaces.”

“The Awards are about rewarding these people and acknowledging that, no matter what the field or initiative, progress occurs when people believe that things can be done in a different or better way,” said Mr Merritt.

Following the success of Film Victoria’s initiative, the Screen Producer’s Association of Australia is licensing the management system framework to roll out nationally for the benefit of the entire screen industry.