Press Release from ABC TV

Filming has just begun in Melbourne on the new six‐part ABC TV comedy series, Twentysomething.

Created and starring, Jess Harris (Hamish & Andy’s Real Stories, Rove) and Josh Schmidt (5 Lost at Sea), Twentysomething is the story of two best mates, Jess and Josh, who never went to uni, never had a clear talent, and never really had a drive to grow up.

While their friends climb the corporate ladder and settle down, Jess and Josh live for the weekend. But when their mind‐numbing jobs start wearing them down, the duo embark on an unusual entrepreneurial journey.

Whether it’s finding out how you got home last night or what to do with the rest of your life, the Twentysomething world is filled with massive highs, heartbreaking lows with plenty of drinks in between as Jess and Josh search for their big break.

The series, written by Jess Harris, also stars Hamish Blake as Billy – Jess’s ‘on and off again’ crush, Simon Russell (Thank God You’re Here) as Nick – the older brother Josh will never live up to, and Leah de Niese (Offspring) as the backup friend, Abby.

“Jess, Josh and I can’t wait to bring the show to life with director Paul Currie and our fantastic cast”, says Producer Nicole Minchin.

Twentysomething is one of three comedy projects that received development funding in 2010 under the Film Victoria/ABC TV comedy initiative STITCH. The initiative was designed to develop the skills of comedy performers in writing longer form narrative for screen.

“It’s very exciting that Twentysomething is the first of the STITCH projects to go into production. Jess and Josh are such a talented and funny pair, and I can’t wait to see them on ABC2”, says ABC TV Executive Producer, Debbie Lee.

Filming will continue throughout December and January, and Twentysomething will premiere on ABC2 in 2011.

Produced by High Wire Films and Electric Living Productions in association with ABC TV, Screen Australia and Film Victoria. (6 x 30min)

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