Filmworks secures rights to David Rollins series

08 May, 2012 by IF

Press release from Filmworks Company

Pandemonium Films, Los Angeles, and Filmworks, Sydney, have just announced a series of movies based on the novels by Australian international best-selling author David Rollins.


The films will feature ‘Special Agent Vin Cooper’, the central character in four of the seven novels Rollins has published through Pan MacMillan Australia, with a fifth Vin Cooper novel to be published on August 1 of this year.

Bill Mechanic, the CEO of Pandemonium and former Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox, is a big fan of the books. ‘I read one and I was hooked, and only stopped reading them when I’d finished the series. Cooper is the classic hero, basically a good guy but cynical and flawed. I think he will make a fantastic franchise character.'

Pandemonium is readying for production in 2012 two films, ‘The Moon and the Sun’, directed by Sean McNamara, and ‘The C.0.’, directed by Randall Wallace. Mechanic’s last film, 'CORALINE', was Oscar-nominated during the same year he produced the Emmy-nominated 83rd Annual Academy

During his time running Fox, Mechanic was responsible for such outstanding films as-TITANIC, BRAVEHEART, FIGHT CLUB, X-MEN and CASTAWAY.

Jan Eymann, CEO of Filmworks, based on the Fox lot, who also found the novel for “CREATION” said that when she discovered David Rollins books the first person she thought of was Bill Mechanic. “He’s a producer’s producer”, said Eymann, “I have enormous respect for his work.”

Rollins is equally thrilled. ‘Having someone like Bill Mechanic in your corner is a bit of dream really and together I believe he and Jan will make an amazing movie.’

The first film to go into production will be based on the novel GHOST WATCH.

Production is slated for 2013.

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