Find Your Voice producers launch crowd-funding campaign

01 December, 2014 by Don Groves

Keisha Castle-Hughes and Adam Saunders have finished shooting Find Your Voice, an Australian-New Zealand film about a young Sydney Maori and musician who returns home after winning the lottery.

Now the producers aim to raise $30,000 via Indiegogo by December 24 to complete the film (formerly known as Million Dollar Mate), including editing, colour grade and sound design.


It’s the feature directing debut of Chris Herd, who developed the script with Saunders. The actor, whose credits include Blue Water High and Home and Away, plays Elvis “E” Pineaha, who has lost sight of who he is and what really counts. After winning the lottery, he returns to New Zealand on a journey of self-discovery.

In Auckland E meets the captivating Grace (Game of Thrones’ Castle-Hughes), but she is initially put off by his brash manner. Soon, however, sparks fly.

The cast includes Tama Lundon of reggae group Herbs, Cold Chisel’s Ian Moss and Danielle Hayes, the first Maori winner of New Zealand's Next Top Model.

“We wanted to tell an uplifting story that families could come together and watch,” says Saunders. “Too often locally produced films deal with dark subject matter. We really wanted to focus on the positivity of life.”

The film was produced by Patrick Rohr’s Shorething Films in association with Steve Jaggi’s Indefatigable Pictures. Adrian Powers is the editor and The Gingerbread Man will handle the colour grade.

view the trailer here: